Since 1973, AQUA has been present and is committed to continuing to provide healthy and quality hydration for Indonesian families.

AQUA comes from pure and protected natural sources. Every drop of AQUA comes from natural air sources as a healthy and quality drinking choice. Not all water sources can be AQUA water sources.

AQUA has a very selective process with 9 criteria, 5 stages, 1 year of research. The process of obtaining the minimum treatment selection for AQUA water and ensuring that AQUA water consumers are like water from nature. AQUA mountain mineral water which has 3 protections, namely protection of the ecosystem around its water sources, protection of minerals, and protection in the packaging process with a comprehensive integration system without human hands and with 400 quality checks to ensure purity. AQUA is protected to protect you.

Mineral water to meet your daily fluid needs. With a controlled filtration system and compliance with acclaimed quality standards, which are unique processes that distinguish VIT from others. The continual mission is to become a mineral water brand that is trusted by all Indonesian consumers.

An isotonic drink for young people to stay hydrated, with rich vitamin compositions, mild fruity flavor, and refreshing taste. Mizone is a brand that supports an active lifestyle for consumers who want to increase enthusiasm and energy in various daily activities. With its electrolyte composition certainly helps replace lost body fluids quickly.