Danone Indonesia

Danone Indonesia is committed to providing the best quality product, maintaining environmental sustainability, while supporting the development of human resources and community welfare

Danone is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world whose mission is to provide health to as many people as possible. Danone operates in 130 countries with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. In Indonesia, Danone consists of two business categories that focus on public health at every stage of life, namely, Danone Waters which produces Bottled Drinking Water & Non-Carbonated Drinks with products such as AQUA, Mizone, VIT and Danone Specialized Nutrition with products such as SGM Eksplor, SGM Bunda, Bebelac, Nutrilon Royal, and medical nutrition. The Danone Group in Indonesia has 26 factories with more than 13,000 employees.



As part of one of the largest bottled water companies in the world, Danone-AQUA is committed to providing high quality drinking water for all families in Indonesia. By upholding responsible and sustainable business, we also continue to promote sustainable water conservation throughout our operations and strive to protect and restore natural aquatic ecosystems involving collaboration with local communities and stakeholders.


Started from a concern for the health and adequacy of national nutrition, which is the history of Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia in developing nutritional products for the Indonesian people until today. The driving force behind this success is by investing in various research and development programs together with stakeholders to create superior science-based product portfolios that provide optimal nutritional solutions for everyone, especially at important phases of life.



At Danone, people are at the heart of everything we do


We receive new ideas from the environment in which we live


We believe that building close relationships leads to better understanding & trust


We are passionate about providing health through food to as many people as possible


Danone presents in Indonesia through a heritage brand that was born in Indonesia with the purpose of serving the needs of the Indonesian people for nutrition and hydration produced by the best Indonesian talents. Our pioneering journey was built with passion and perseverance along with the journey of the State of Indonesia. Our positive contribution is to jointly build and shape a healthier society in this beautiful country so that it can continue to grow and prosper.


#AQUADULU campaign to increase awareness among Indonesian people to drink enough water

For the fifth time Danone-AQUA received the Gold PROPER award

The AQUA Cube, which has started to be marketed, is an innovation in small non-labeled AQUA drinking water bottles that are 100% recyclable, thus leading Danone-AQUA to win the 2023 Indonesia Green Awards.

Danone Indonesia's commitment to support the Government's agenda in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, further information can be found on the website: aqua.co.id, sarihusada.co.id, dan nutricia.co.id

Gerakan Indonesia Sehat was launched in collaboration with IPB to educate youth about the importance of balanced nutrition and reproductive health.

Danone Indonesia launched “Bersama Cegah Stunting” as an integrated program to combat stunting in Indonesia.

Launch of AQUA Life products which come from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled again

Danone-AQUA launched the #BijakBerplastik Movement as part of its commitment to support the Indonesian Government's Vision in managing the problem of plastic waste.

Establishment of the Specialized Nutrition Category by consolidating Sarihusada, Nutricia and Nutricia Medical Nutrition companies.

Danone-AQUA received the B-Corp Certification as the first FMCG company in Indonesia to get this prestigious achievement.

Program Aksi Cegah Stunting was launched to address the stunting problem by improving the referral system for malnourished children and strengthening the role of Posyandu & Puskesmas.

Danone Indonesia and IPB collaborated to launch "Isi Piringku 4-6 Tahun" Program to provide nutrition and healthy living guidelines for children aged 4-6 years.

Partnership with Danone-AQUA and water.org Organization to launch a microfinance model to accelerate access to clean water in Indonesia.

Proyek Merapi was launched to help local cattle farmers to produce higher quality dairy products.

SGM Bunda Presinutri was introduced by Sarihusada to help moms meet their nutritional needs in the first 360 weeks of a child's life.

Launching of AQUA Home Service (AHS), which is a delivery service for AQUA products

Sarihusada launched Program Warung Anak Sehat to improve child nutrition in Indonesia and educate moms about nutritional adequacy.

Launched the AQUA Selamat call center service as a consumer service

Danone-AQUA proposed an initiative program to empower scavengers as a manifestation of concern in the social and environmental fields.

Sarihusada together with Taman Pintar support the education and nutrition of children in Yogyakarta by building PAUD (Early Childhood Education) as a place for learning and entertainment for children.

Initiation of Program AQUA Lestari was born as an umbrella for the AQUA Group's sustainability initiatives in the social and environmental fields.

The Mizone brand which is part of AQUA was launched as an isotonic drink with 3 unique flavors, namely Lychee Lemon, Apple Guava, and Orange Lime.

The launch of the Nutrilon Royal product which is part of Nutricia was introduced to the public.

Danone-AQUA officially organizes the AQUA-Danone Nations Cup as part of a healthy lifestyle campaign and supports the dreams of Indonesian children in soccer sport.

The Danone Group and AQUA Group established a strategic partnership to establish Danone Indonesia as a company that provides healthy living needs for the people of Indonesia.

Launch of AQUA Peduli Program which is part of AQUA's innovation to present the first plastic waste recycling program in Indonesia.

The product and brand Lactamil was first introduced to the public as milk to support the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera (Nutricia) was established to provide research-based products for children.

AQUA introduced gallon packaging for repeated use by consumers, which currently makes 70% of AQUA's business fully circular.

The launch of the first AQUA product in the form of a 950 ml glass bottle from the factory in Bekasi.

Mr. Tirto Utomo founded PT Golden Mississippi as the first pioneer of a bottled water company in Indonesia.

NV Saridele changed its name to PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika (Sarihusada) and at the same time introduced the legendary brand SGM which until now continues to grow and support the progress of the nation.

The early milestone of Sarihusada's long journey which started with the birth of NV Saridele as an initiative program by the Government of Indonesia and the United Nations to support national protein adequacy.


Appreciation of Danone Indonesia's commitment to having a positive impact in Indonesia


Danone Indonesia, through Danone-AQUA, is the largest company in Asia and the first FMCG in Indonesia to become a B-Corp certified company since 2018 and will be recertified in 2021. 100% of employees will receive training on B Corp.


For four years, Danone Indonesia won the “Best Company to Work For in Asia” award by HR Asia.


Danone Indonesia succeeded in achieving Corporate Performance in Environmental Management (PROPER) in the Gold category & 9 of its factories achieved the Green category


4 awards from Indonesia PR of the Year 2023 and 2 awards from Sewindu PR Indonesia

Danone Indonesia’s public relations programs received the PR of the year 2023 and Sewindu PR awards

2 awards as Best Social Contribution and Favorite Halal Brand

This award was given by the Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Ulema Council to the AQUA brand

Award (GOLD) for the Workplace Wellbeing Category at the 2023 HR Excellence Award Event

Evidence of the ongoing implementation of the HEALTHITUDE program as a form of Danone’s efforts to prioritize the health and welfare of Danoners

Gold Winner

ESG category and Social subcategory for the Joint Prevent Stunting and SGM Exploration program ‘Let’s Show Our Hands’

The Best Company to Work For in Asia 2023 dan “We Care Award” The Most Caring Company 2023

This award was given by HR Asia

4 Awards in the 2023 International Symposium on Food and Nutrition, Expo, and Award (ISFANEA)

Held at the IPB International Convention Center

Inclusive Recycling Indonesia Receives the 2023 Indonesia CSR Award

Danone Indonesia received an award in the Food and Beverages sector from The Iconomics

Highest Predicate in Indonesia Green & Sustainable Companies Award 2023

Organized by SWA Media Group with the theme “Integrating Green & ESG Principles into Business: A Pathway for Sustainable Success”

3 International Level Awards in the 2023 Public Relations (PR) Awards

Organized by Marketing Interactive Magazine

Signing of Cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for the Development of Tourism Villages

The signing was carried out by Deputy for Destination and Infrastructure Development Vinsensius Jemadu and VP General Secretary of Danone Indonesia Vera Galuh Sugijanto, witnessed by Danone Indones

Connie Ang, CEO of Danone Indonesia, Enters the List of “The Most Extraordinary Women Business Leaders 2022”

From SWA Magazine

Gold Rating Danone-AQUA Sustainability Report & Silver Rating Danone SN Indonesia Sustainability Report

Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2021 from National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR).

AQUA (@sehatAQUA) Memenangkan #OnlyOnTwitter 

#BestOfTweets 2021 Southeast Asia

6th Most Loved Indonesian Ramadan Ad 2021

From Kantar Indonesia

Best PR Team of The Year & Best Campaign FMCG

PR Awards 2022

1st Place Customer Service Cross Category & In FMCG Category for Danone SN

Indonesia Customer Service Champions 2021 from SWA Magazine

Gold Champion

PROPER Awards 2021 from Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK)

Gold Champion Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Indonesian Business Social Responsibility Awards, 2021

Platinum winner of PR Indonesia Award 2021 for Private Company Category

PRIA Awards 2021

Corcomm Excellent Team

Corcomm Dream Team dari Majalah MIX MarComm

Best Company to Work For In Asia & Most Caring Company

HR Asia Awards 2021

4 Prestigious Awards

FMCG Asia Awards 2021

Recognition of Contribution in Fighting COVID-19

Ministry of Health, 2020

Gold Champion for Danone-AQUA

Indonesian WOW Brand 2020

PROPER Awards 2020

PROPER Awards Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2020

AQUA – Gold Champion for Bottled Water

Yougov Best Brand Indonesia, 2020

Waste Reduction Performance Award

Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2020

Brand of Choice Era Pandemic

SWA Magazine,2020

B-Corp Certification

B-Corp Certification B-Lab Nonprofit Organization, 2018