Danone Indonesia Strengthens Its Position as a Pioneer in the Private Sector to Partner with the Government in Managing Sustainable Water

4 June 2024

Danone Indonesia reaffirmed its commitment to water resource conservation by participating in The 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia. The event, under the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, focused on water conservation, sanitation, food security, and disaster mitigation. With global water scarcity concerns, Danone recognized the urgent need for action, aligning with its sustainability goals. At the forum, government officials emphasized the importance of collaboration with industry players like Danone to address water challenges. Danone’s VP General Secretary, Vera Galuh Sugijanto, highlighted the company’s belief in sustainable water management and the private sector’s role in collaboration with the government.

Henri Bruxelles, Chief Sustainability Strategic Business Development Officer of Danone, emphasized the company’s efforts in water conservation across its value chain. Danone’s participation in the forum showcased its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 6, aiming to ensure clean water and sanitation globally. Danone’s Water Policy focuses on protecting water resources, promoting water circularity, and providing access to clean water and sanitation through initiatives like the WASH program.

Danone actively engages local communities in water resource management through Watershed Forums in operational areas across Indonesia. The company also introduced Payment for Environmental Services to incentivize conservation efforts. In its production process, Danone emphasizes water efficiency, achieving targets to protect the water ecosystem and implementing the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim.

Collaborating with, Danone facilitates access to water and sanitation through microcredit schemes, benefiting rural communities in Central and East Java. At the World Water Forum, Danone contributed as a speaker in various sessions and opened educational facilities highlighting water management’s importance. The company also provided hydration support during the event. Danone Indonesia’s commitment to sustainable water management and partnerships with the government and organizations aim to inspire collective action. Through these efforts, Danone seeks to address water challenges and promote inclusive growth for all Indonesians.